Workplace Forklift Audits

Show to OSH and your staff your desire for a safe work environment

By investing in an audit you are illustrating to your staff that you expect them to continue to maintain the high standards they have been taught on our courses.

Often the instructor is approached by students and informed of any issues they may be having (and possibly don’t feel they can approach management with). Due to having a third party on site these issues can usually be resolved in a way of benefiting all involved.

We look at all types of forklift related issues, such as:

  • Safe stacking/Racking
  • Walkways/Isles
  • Signage
  • Building/Yard
  • Trucks/Road
  • Forklift Operators
  • Forklift/Attachments
  • Procedures
  • Gantry

Improve procedures and practices

Our instructors go to hundreds of different sites every year, so they have seen what works and what doesn’t! With this knowledge we can advise on procedures that may be of benefit to your company. This advice is given to enhance and improve productivity whilst preferably creating a cost savings. This is purely under advisement and not something we stipulate the company to do.

We have had companies create large savings whilst making practices easier and safer at the same time.

This can be from simply introducing a checklist, investing in an attachment to save on pallet repairs or marking walkways to limit unauthorised access and reduce pedestrian traffic in hazardous/busy areas. Although easy and not expensive to implement these procedures can result in huge savings.

Invest before implementing new systems or changing premises

If you are changing your workplace setup or moving to new premises we strongly advise a work place audit to ensure you are achieving a maximum return in relation to forklift management.

We have had a company prepared to move premises due to company growth and by changing the type of forklift they use they were able to reduce the space between racking, making the premises they were at more than capable of housing the extra racking they needed. They saved costs in extra rental space, huge costs in moving and their employees didn’t have to contemplate changing work locations.

Another company was changing their set up and after a workplace audit realised they were going to have a heavily congested traffic area. By repositioning a work station they created a better traffic flow which resulted in a safer workplace whilst maintaining productivity.

Audits are charged at an hourly rate for the time the instructor is on site, with a small additional cost for the time taken to produce a full written report. Please note we understand the importance of company confidentiality and are careful not to breach this when making any suggestions.

Forklift driver in warehouse

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