Specialised Forklift Training


  • Hold a current First Choice Forklift Training Ltd OSH Forklift Licence

Specialised training is available on: Front Loading Counterbalance Forklifts, Side Loaders, Reach Trucks, Straddle Trucks, Order Pickers, Walk Behind Forklifts, Mobicons.

Learn a new type of forklift and/or attachment

An example of this may be – they can currently drive a counterbalance forklift but the company has recently leased a Bendi. Another common example may be they drive a counterbalance forklift and the company has recently purchased a mancage or fork extensions.

Have specific training on a certain area of forklift driving

An example of this may be – they have had an incident that has affected their confidence on the forklift. The company may have gone in to a new product range and would like additional training/advice relative to this.

Reassess a students competency

This can vary from an employee picking up bad habits, having a bad attitude or underlying medical conditions (ie stress, eyesight, etc) that may be contributing to issues with their forklift driving. By instructing a third party, such as ourselves, companies tend to have a higher turnaround in sorting out the issues in a fair and beneficial way for all involved.

*There is NO CHARGE for this when called out for the first time as we are just as concerned as you to ensure all drivers are using the forklift competently.

This is charged at an hourly rate and can involve a number of students at the same time, or alternatively students can be given one on one training with the instructor.

By doing specialised training this can avoid having to renew your licence, as other training providers might have you do. You will receive an updated certificate and wallet licence, this does not extend your licence.

Forklift driver in warehouse

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