Forklift Courses Overview

ASWEFA is a company focused on providing comprehensive high quality training and support throughout the entire licencing period. We are not a company that will turn up for training, never to be seen again until the next booking or when the 3 year expiry is due. We pride ourselves in being available to work alongside you to achieve a safe working environment.

Worksite Forklift Licence (meet Worksafe regulations) - your location or ours or Online
Forklift and truck

This is required by HSW Act 2015 for anyone who operates a forklift at anytime - whether on private property on the road

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This is an endorsement to a Class 1 or 2 New Zealand drivers licence to allow an operator to take a forklift onto a public road for any reason

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Workplace Audits
Man with clipboard

Improve safety, efficiency and cut costs by employing us to audit your working environment

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Specialised Training
forklift operator

We can customise a training program to match your specific needs

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Forklift driver in warehouse

EMAIL US OR PHONE 0800 ASWEFA to discuss our courses and course rates.